Staff meeting..

by Bash Lory

I walk into a room and there are about 10 teachers discussing the timetable for this coming semester. The principal sees me out of the corner of his eye, and suddenly leaps over, grabs my arm, drags me to the front of the room and introduces me as “Bastion”. I almost corrected him but then thought.. how many of these teachers are gonna remember anyway? So I left it. He sits me down in between two women. At first I was fully engaged in trying to understand what was apparently a timetable written on a whiteboard at the front. It was only until about after 5 minutes in, that I’d given up trying to follow the meeting, and had a little look around. Woman to my left was flicking through a magazine about washing machines. Woman to my right was sewing (with a sewing machine). Woman sat behind me was sorting out her kid that she’d brought along.

…I was utterly confused.

It’s moments like these, that I wished I had invested in a spy camera… I’m always thinking about getting one, but never do because I don’t think think I’ll ever be putting it to use. I will definitely get one for my next trip – because it’s moments like these, that no words can really do justice. It was mental.

After the meeting finished, I went up to one of the teachers..

Teacher: “Oh hi! Sorry what was your name again?! Haha”
Me: “haha.. It’s Sebastian, but you can call me Bash…”
Teacher: “Basss?!!??”
Me: “Err yeah sure yeah haha… So… When is it that I have to teach?”
Teacher: “oh it’s on the white board!”
Me: “yeah no, just having a little trouble understanding it.. with it not being in English and that..haha”
Teacher: “ahh okay, I will write it down for you!!” (didn’t appreciate my humorous remark…)
Me: “yeah! Haha… Thanks!”

She wrote it down on a piece of paper in non-chronological order for some bizarre reason and kept on mentioning something about pearls and daisies… With all the stress trying to understand the meeting while dealing with all the distractions around me (people sewing and raising children), I couldn’t be bothered to ask her what the daisies and pearls had to do with my timetable.. So again, I left it.

First day of teaching is tomorrow, 8:45, biology, 70 kids.. Not quite sure what I have gotten myself into.

Here are some pictures of the school: