Visiting the school

by Bash Lory

I visited the school today and met the principal. Seemed like a nice guy, laughed a lot… The school was amazing. I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures while I was there today, thought that would have been a bit much, didn’t want them to feel like this was some sort of touristic endeavour of mine. It was fascinating though; imagine your everyday western high school, then imagine a bomb exploded on it, and then coming back to visit 50 years later. Tree roots covered the paved paths and vines hung down from the roofs. The classrooms looked like they hadn’t been touched in 50 years. Each classroom had metal bars in place of windows (for some reason?) and a door held closed with a padlock. The IT room had about 10 computers from the 90’s, covered in dust with the odd finger mark on the monitor. The rooms were dark with no lights and had broken blackboards with the remnants of lightly erased chalk markings from yesterdays class….But I kinda liked it. It had this eerie post-apocalyptic awesomeness to it that made it all seem interesting. It gave me the feeling that I will have plenty of stories to tell once I’ve finished here. I wished I did have pictures! But I am going back there in 20 minutes for my first ‘staff meeting’ (ha!) … And will try to whip out my camera and take a few pictures and upload them later!

Meanwhile, this is what a progressing monsoon shower looks like. And where I eat my lunch.